Gorgeous Copper Star and Goldstone earrings


Gorgeous Copper Star and Goldstone statement earrings – the perfect gift for any special occasion!

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So I’m almost at the end of the first term in my Diploma in Silver Jewellery and I really wanted to put my skills to the test. I had this design in my head for a while and I’ve finally created it! These earrings are all handmade, except for the beads and I’m quite chuffed with the result!

I truly love copper as a base metal and I believe the goldstone beads really brought out the beautiful colour of this metal. Goldstone is a stone I resonate with a lot. This stone is known as the stone of ambition and is thought to help the wearer achieve their goals. It is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety, revitalise the wearer and promote positive attitudes.

I started these earrings by creating the star pendants first. Then, I cut, textured, shaped and polished the pendants myself. I even filmed the process and posted a time-lapse on Instagram! Watch it now!

I then hand-cut the jump rings and linked them all together to form a chain. After finishing these essential pieces, I then added the beads, shaped the ear hooks joined everything together into this gorgeous pair of earrings. There is only one pair of these earrings in stock – that means they’re super unique and handmade with lots of love!

Additional Information

  • Size: 8.5cm x 2.2cm
  • Colour: copper and bronze
  • Materials Used: copper sheet,  copper wire, goldstone beads (8mm round, 4mm square), seed beads

Care and usage instructions

Proper care is a must, regardless of whether an item purchased is sturdy or not. Rough handling and misuse (including, but not limited to swimming with the item on, chemical exposure, spraying of perfumes on the item, physical damage, poor storage, etc.) of the item may result in damages. Repairs and/or replacements may be requested at an additional price.


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