Beautiful Spiral Bracelet


Beautiful spiral bracelet that’s the perfect accessory for Christmas or any other occasion.

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This is the first ever spiral stitch piece I’ve made and I truly loved making it. As you can see for yourself this stitch creates a stunning illusion of interlaced double spirals when in truth it’s just one spiral. This bracelet is a fantastic weight to wear in that it’s neither heavy nor too light that you don’t feel it. The sparkles in it from the Czech fire-polish beads make it even more stunning. It really is the perfect accessory for this festive season, but also for the rest of the year when you want to feel special.

This beautifully woven piece incorporates black and silver glossy glass pearls as well as sparkly Czech fire-polish beads which give off a slight stained glass (vitrail) sparkle effect. Added to it are the silver-lined glass seed beads and it’s then finished off with a lovely antique silver S hook clasp.

Additional Information

  • Size: will fit 16cm wrists comfortably
  • Colour: black, silver and vitrail – colours may vary depending on your PC screen’s resolution.
  • Materials Used: 4mm Preciosa glass pearls, 4mm Czech fire-polish beads, seed beads, nylon beading thread, S hook clasp

Care and usage instructions

Proper care is a must, regardless of whether an item purchased is sturdy or not. Rough handling and misuse (including, but not limited to swimming with the item on, chemical exposure, spraying of perfumes on the item, physical damage, poor storage, etc.) of the item may result in damages. Repairs and/or replacements may be requested at an additional price.


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