Swarovski Heart Drop Earrings for Every Occasion


Swarovski Heart drop earrings – great and affordable piece to give as a gift or as a personal treat.


Celebrate the festive season with these stunning Swarovski drop earrings, meticulously crafted to be more than just Christmas accessories—they’re a timeless addition to your jewellery collection, suitable for any occasion.

With a touch of love and precision, I’ve used silver-plated wire and bales, available in two distinct styles, to showcase the brilliance of Swarovski and glass beads. The Swarovski heart pendant, delicately cradled by the bales, is adorned with tiny Swarovski beads, creating an enchanting drop effect. These earrings are then attached to hand-formed silver-plated ear hooks, ensuring both comfort and style.

I have to admit, my affection for these earrings knows no bounds, and I’m confident you’ll share the sentiment once you see their charm in person. Their affordability not only allows you to indulge yourself but also spread the joy by gifting a pair to a friend.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of these Swarovski drop earrings, where elegance seamlessly meets affordability. Each piece is carefully selected, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Fantasy Chic Accessories.

Additional Information:

Size: Approximately 5.2cm x 1cm, offering the perfect dimensions for a subtle yet impactful accessory.

Colour: The seamless blend of silver, red, and green hues captures the festive spirit.

Materials Used: These earrings feature silver-plated wire, Swarovski heart pendants, Swarovski bicones, glass rondelles, and silver-plated bales.

Care and Usage Instructions:

While these earrings exude delicate charm, their longevity relies on proper care. Avoid rough handling and misuse, such as wearing them while swimming or exposing them to chemicals and perfumes. Following these guidelines ensures your earrings remain in pristine condition.

For any repairs or replacements, additional charges may apply. Dive into the world of enchantment with these Swarovski drop earrings, curated with meticulous craftsmanship by Fantasy Chic Accessories.

Additional information


green, Green (leaf bale), Red, Red (leaf bale)


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