Elegant Swarovski and Moonstone Ring (Gold)


Beautiful Swarovski and Moonstone ring in gold that’s perfect for any occasion.


I know how hard it could be to find something that looks high quality but doesn’t break the bank – this is why I made these beautiful, elegant rings. The quality is still there thanks to the Swarovski and Moonstone beads but this ring is definitely not going to set you back too much. I made this piece to reflect an understated elegance for those who prefer more subtle accessories. They can go with any outfit and are perfect for any occasion – I find they go particularly well with the Christmas season due to the colours chosen.

I’ve sourced some really lovely moonstone beads which are said to channel feelings of hope, sensitivity and abundance for the wearer. It’s a powerful stone that works with the crown chakra and divine female energy. It’s thought to inspire intuition and psychic abilities. It’s also a very pretty stone in that it reflects beautiful subtle rainbow colours.

I also added a gorgeous red Swarovski bicone – these crystals are definitely something I love working with. I just love anything that sparkles really, don’t you?

I took these gorgeous beads and threaded them through a gold-plated copper wire. Then, I wrapped the wire around to form the beautiful spiral embellishment at the sides. There is also a variation to this ring without the spirals.

Additional Information

  • Size: UK ring sizes
  • Colour: gold, rainbow/white, red
  • Materials Used: gold-plated wire; 4mm moonstone beads; 4mm Swarovski bicones
  • Variations: I also have a silver version of this same ring. If there is a size you want which we don’t have, let me know what you’d like and I’ll make one for you. You can also choose different beads/bead sizes. Let’s discuss it together! 🙂

Care and usage instructions

Proper care is a must, regardless of whether an item purchased is sturdy or not. Rough handling and misuse (including, but not limited to swimming with the item on, chemical exposure, spraying of perfumes on the item, physical damage, poor storage, etc.) of the item may result in damages. Repairs and/or replacements may be requested at an additional price.

Additional information

Ring Size

L, L – no spiral, M, N – no spiral


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